100”4K LASER TV | 100LN60D

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  • 100”4K LASER TV | 100LN60D
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Dual Laser+Phosphor Color filter

Light Source


Screen Size

Panel Performance

Screen Size (diagonal) ; HDR

100"  ; HDR technology

  • Model No. 100LN60D
    • 4K Picture quality
    • Smart TV
    • Pure Colour
    • HDR Compatibility
    • Laser Engine
    • Smooth Motion
    • Safety Sensor
    • Ultra short throw Laser
    • Liquid cooling technology for efficient  & noise free cooling
    • JBL built in speaker and wireless suboffer
    • TV Tuner

"What it all comes down to the screen size. It's hard to express just how majestic content looks on a screen this massively huge. While the price tag is a bit insane for most people, know that you're not just getting a 100-inch screen here: you're getting a high-performance product with some very smart, user-facing features."


When discussing a big-screen TV, size is bound to be the primary topic of conversation, but with Hisense’s 100-inch Ultra HD Laser TV, bigness approaches a thought-terminating cliche—one I have been happy to let take over my puny mind.








4K Ultra HD

100″ Laser TV

Dual Laser + Phosphor Color filter

Quad Core

689.3 L X 415.8 D X 206.2 H (mm)

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