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Selectable Stain Level

You can select from the three options of High / Medium (Mid.) / Low, depending on the level of stains on your laundry.

Each has different wash time to remove dirt and stains efficiently.


For heavily soiled items or greasy stains, wash them away thoroughly.


For daily washing.


For lightly soiled items, giving them a quick wash. Shorter wash time means less damage to fabrics.

Door Clean

During the spin cycle, foam or detergent residue that is left on the glass door and gasket can be thoroughly washed away with clean water. No need to clean them yourself.

90°C Tub Cleaning

Select the Tub Clean program and it cleans the inside tubs with 90°C hot water. The high temperature strong water flow washes the gap between inner and outer drums, keeping them clean and hygienic.

Time Saver Programs

Equipped with three quick wash programs.

Rapid 15

Extra short 15-minute program suitable for lightly soiled items or small loads.

Daily 45

For washing lightly soiled items or small loads in a short 45 minutes.

Daily 60

For washing lightly soiled items or small loads quickly in 60 minutes.

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