Company Sectors

Our company contributes to the market with a variety of materials in different sectors such as foodstuffs, electrical appliances, furnishing items and other sectors Al Nakheel Company is a group of commercial companies with Italian companies and Turkish companies in the field of foodstuffs

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Company Sector & Services

The food sector of various types is considered one of the most important sectors that are looking at the largest proportion of the economy in Iraq. Commercial companies are active in activating this sector especially if we know that more than 95% of food products in the markets are products imported from outside the country. However, our company is trying to focus on local products to support the national economy and provide fresh products that meet consumer demand. By providing a variety of food products It includes several sections: .

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The coffee house is a unique experience in the specialty of coffee, offering coffee products of all kinds required in the market as well as from various sources such as Italian coffee, Turkish coffee, Arabic coffee and Malaysian coffee with distinctive taste Our company offers a variety of options for customers in terms of variety, flavours and everything related to the coffee world The coffee house also provides modern electrical devices for coffee, especially home and office capsules and hotel and coffee machines.

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The services sector is one of the most important economic sectors which contribute to supporting and revitalizing other sectors by providing the services needed by various institutions, which usually require special expertise and competencies. Where the service sector provides these institutions with high-quality services, saving time, effort and money on those institutions. Our company seeks to provide the best services to various sectors and public and private institutions.

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Through our experience in the agricultural field, the quality and quantity of fodder used in animal husbandry processes for breeders are of great importance to the success of breeders in obtaining the required results during animal husbandry depends directly on the quality and quality of feed used. The best results are the fastest time and the least losses.

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Our company provides through the Baghdad Center for sale in instalments a window to deal with individuals directly by providing all household appliances (electrical and electronic) and by selling monthly instalments and according to the customer's request in terms of flexibility in payment of purchase installs and Flexibility in providing everything the customer needs As requested. Baghdad Center also provides its services to schools, government and civil institutions by providing them with all the necessary devices, equipment and furniture.

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Food Categories


Chicken is the most important food in meat markets Where it has the largest share of meat consumption Where the table is not without daily or almost daily of chicken or its products of scallops and chicken crispy and other The chickens are divided into markets Freshly produced chicken and frozen chicken imported from outside the country, which is the largest share of consumption because of lower prices compared to fresh chicken Our company contributes to the provision of locally produced fresh chicken By buying it from local massacres and connecting it to consumers through marketing and distribution companies

Statisics of Jazirat Al-Nakheel Manegment

Customer confidence is one of the company's most important goals

Jazirat Al-Nakheel Company seeks to ensure the trust and satisfaction of its customers through its commitment to the safety, quality and speed of its business performance. We look at our business with our customers and competitors to ensure leadership in our business

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Administrative statistics Expressing great experience in dealing

  • Costumer Services95%
  • DeadLines99%
  • Business Offers Flexiblity92%
  • Cooperation with Jazirat Al-Nakheel Company as a special opportunity for us .. by adhering to deadlines and mutual investment agreements
    Director of Al-Taiba Food Co.
    Mohammed Ahmed Saeed
  • The engineering and investment experience in the Jazirat Al-Nakheel Company has contributed significantly to the development of our business and productivity

  • Outstanding quality and advanced solutions were the basis of our joint venture with Jazirat Al-Nakheel

    Director of Sony Electric Co.
    AbdulRahman AbulAziz